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Wild & Whimsical

Unique Designs in an Unusual World by Krista Jefferson

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Learn about Wild & Whimsical

About the Art Work
All of the designs are my own original creations.  Many start from carefully thought out drawings in my sketch book, while others come to exsist faster than my mind can guide my hands. I have enjoyed working in many styles over the years, from traditional Norwegian Rosemaling, to children's designs, folk art, abstract, found art assemblage, and more, but all the while having my stylized and whimsical impression come through. 
 I work only with professional quality paints and protect each finished item with several coats of a water based sealer. Whenever possible I try to use repurposed pieces as my base.  I love finding unusual vintage and second hand pieces, scrap wood, old cabinet doors, and so on, to paint and give them a new, more colorful life! 
About the Artist
I think one of the most wonderful things about art is the ability to bring joy to those who see it.  That motivates me to make my pieces unique, uplifting, and with a healthy dose of humor.  One of the comments I hear most about my work is that it makes people feel happy just to look at it.  Happiness is a simple, but powerful thing and I feel very fortunate knowing that I can bring a little more of it into the world!
I have had a passion for art ever since childhood and have explored many creative outlets over the years.  In school I took every art class available and have immersed myself in books on a wide variety of techniques and mediums ever since.  My sketch book is normally within arms reach and you can find paint tubes and brushes in nearly every corner of my home and studio.  (seriously!)  I started doing shows, bazaars, and festivals in 1998.  As my style and designs evoloved so did my business, so in 2004 I began operating under the name Wild & Whimsical which seemed a perfect fit to the eclectic and fun spectrum my work encompasses.